Friday, May 20, 2011

weekend projects

Last weekend was cold and rainy. So we spent a good bit of our time hanging out together and making stuff.


Jeremy worked on a lamp for our living room. Now I just have to find a shade for it.


The girls and I made some dolls. They received this adorable kit, that I mentioned here, for Easter from their Grandparents. They were so excited to get some mail all the way from The Netherlands!


I ironed, cut and sewed the fabric.

They turned the arms, legs, and bodies.


and stuffed.


and stuffed.


They are so proud of their new dolls that they made.  The kit also comes with patterns for making a dress, a coat and underpants.  It's supposed to rain this weekend, so I guess we'll be doing some more sewing this weekend.  We'll share pictures soon!


Kimber-Leigh said...

the dolls are adorable! and i can't wait to see your finished lamp!

Beautiful Aura said...

How cute, I'm from the Netherlands too. What shop did you order them from?

Stephanie Sabbe said...

those doll kits are too cute!!