Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today I Love...

I am excited to share my newest loves in my Today I Love series with you.  And guess what?  My friend Maegan, over at The Firefly Lantern is sharing a Today I Love post too, so now instead of just 5 things you get 10, more love means more inspiration right?

Here is a collection of things I have been smitten with this week.

I saw this I Love Paris doll kit today on Etsy and I would absolutely love to make this with my girls.  They are both taking French at school and anything made in France or inspired by France is usually met with squeals of delight from those two.

I have passed over the Xyron at scrapbooking and craft stores at least a hundred times. This fabric tape is absolutely delightful and has me thinking it would be a fun item to add to our craft supplies.

This tutorial over at Maggie Makes makes me want to stop everything and make Easter baskets for my kids.  So pretty!

I just signed up to receive the first issue of Souvenir, a free quarterly seasonal lifestyle gazette. I love celebrating the seasons, and after my first official winter in the midwest, I am craving some springtime inspiration.

I loved The Container Store from the moment I learned of it's existence and the clear plastic shoe boxes are one of my favorite ways to organize toys and craft supplies. They are so nice and sturdy and I love the clear lid.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you were inspired!

Now head over to The Firefly Lantern to see what Maegan is Loving Today.

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