Tuesday, March 22, 2011

one last peek

I had to take one last peak at this photo, he is wearing one of my favorite of his winter outfits.  Lincoln looked adorable in the grey wool sweater outfit he wore to worship a few Sundays ago. This photo was taken on the sidewalk outside of South City. It was the morning after the time change. Sometimes things are tough after a time change: he had a runny nose, and was a bit cranky, so we kept him out of the nursery. Sitting quietly during the sermon was not part of his morning agenda, so we took him outside for a little walk.

Sometimes you trip and fall after the time change too.

This week we are dreaming of packing up all those winter clothes because after a long winter, we are also finally enjoying beautiful spring weather. It is spring break for my girls and Jeremy which makes this beautiful weather all the more lovely.


wendy said...

One of my favorite sweaters, too! Great pictures...

Kimber-Leigh said...

he is so sweet...and getting so big! glad you're getting a taste of spring! we are too!