Friday, August 6, 2010

this time last year...

This time last year they were bathing Lulu in the backyard.

This time last year I was prego and it was soooo hot outside.
This time last year we were wondering what life would be like with a baby boy.
This time last year we had no idea that baby boy would growl like a lion all the time.
This time last year we said we would stay in Waco for forever.
This time last year we went on walks around the neighborhood and stopped by the Donaldson's, the Gibson's and the Newsome's houses to say, "Hi."
This time last year we were dreaming up more home improvement projects for our house and our yard.
This time last year we were gearing up for homeschool and co-op and ballet classes.
This time last year we had no idea our house would be finished, on the market and sold to another young couple.
This time last year we had no idea our next summer would be spent in St. Louis.
This time last year I had no idea my long time dream of moving to a new place for a new adventure with our family would come true.
This time last year I would have told you I didn't ever want to move, even for the new adventure mentioned above.
This time last year I had never shopped at a Trader Joe's and thought I never would get the chance.

This time last year I never ever thought I would switch to cloth diapers.

This time last year I dreamed of the next summer and not being pregnant in August.

We spent today waiting on Jeremy to finish his final...YAY Summer Greek is behind us.
We spent today with some Waco friends that are in St. Louis for a few days. They brought us homemade tortillas from HEB-oh how I have missed those. Our soft tacos, breakfast burritos and quesadillas have just not been the same here.
We spent today doing laundry to get ready for an upcoming road trip.
We spent this morning outside with our neighbors...hello, it was beautiful this morning!
We spent today working on our patience with each other...all of us girls with each other.  We each lost it often, but I lost it most often.

I will spend the evening: folding laundry, making an IKEA list for my parents before they come for a visit, and cleaning up the kitchen.

Then tomorrow we will hit the road for a little post Summer Greek getaway.


the 10th kid said...

Funny--I was doing some reflecting on this time last year today, too.

I miss knowing y'all are around, even though I didn't see you all that much. I'm dreaming of a Missouri trip. I hope you enjoy your road trip!

Danielle said...

When I see a new blog post from you, it just makes me smile. And Trader Joes officially rocks. I miss their blueberry granola bars and peanut butter pretzels most. And the massive Hawaiian shirts at the checkout counter never fail to puzzle me.

kristine said...

precious! so much can happen in a year, right?! good reminder (for me at least!) to be in the moment and take each day one at a time. best wishes on your new adventure!

diane said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

Amy, how far is your family from St. Louis?

Danielle, I will have to try the granola bars and pretzels.

Kristine-your right, so much can happen and I love comparing the photos!