Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life in Waco...

The semester is wrapping up at Baylor, and for our family that means we have to begin our series of goodbyes. One of the many blessings about living in a college town is all the amazing undergrad, grad and Phd students that come to our church. We love having college students in our home (though we are not always the best at doing it consistently) and once they graduate and move on it is, though difficult, a joy for us to watch them follow their dreams. We have several dear friends leaving us this summer. Today marks the first round; the two RUF interns at Baylor, Joel and Heidi, are leaving. Their internship is finishing up and we will truly miss them. They have blessed our family in so many ways. We have watched them serve the college students and the church. On top of that they have brought us many delicious meals, good conversation, and some excellent memories. We will miss you guys!

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