Friday, May 9, 2008

McMaster and Storm

McMaster and Storm is a delightful "petite department store" in Ohio. Oh, how I wish I could visit the store in person! I ordered a few items from the owners, Kara, one of the owners, for Christmas gifts last year. It was all handled through email and a phone call and it was the most wonderful shopping experience! When the package arrived, I had to take pictures of the inside because everything was wrapped so beautifully. And since a road trip to Ohio is not in my future, I can shop on their new website that launched today, and now you can shop there too!

You can also visit their blog,

And, a photo of our almost four year old wearing a necklace she made last week. I found the kit at Michaels on an end cap. It was a great quick project for her.

And, Stella perusing our December Daily album, a couple of friends came over and we put these together for next Christmas. Now if only I can finish Stella's stocking to hang up with the others.

And, more style filing has been happening around here.

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