Wednesday, April 30, 2008

catching up...

This girl loves to color, just like her big sister. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paper, chairs, walls, pantry, face. . .you name it.

A big d. reeves design house order shipped out last week. That and two little ones staying up WAY past their bedtime as well (11 pm and midnight almost every night!) made for many opportunities for sanctification and patience testing during the day.

11:00 pm

I did manage to finish up Emma's ornament box. As I was wrapping up her ornaments to store inside, I thought I would share these.

Made by my sweet sister in law, Kelly. She made these for the tree in Emma's room and they coordinate beautifully with the bedding. The bedding in the girls room was sewn by both my mom and mother in law. Jeremy and I picked out the fabrics, from Moda's Paris Flea Market line a few years ago. These ornaments are just perfect for the room and such a treasure to us.

I also created a little thank you gift with the d. reeves 3x5 clear album. You can see more photos of the inside here.

And now for some sweet photos of Stella with her very first pigtails.

And finally a bit of a follow up on this post. A splash of turquoise, the pressed tin used to be brown and rusty. Jeremy used a paint brush to apply the paint since we could not find the right shade in spray paint. Love it!

I am so happy this girl moved to town, just a few blocks away from me too! We got to hang out and talk scrapbooking which I love to do. Speaking of scrapbooking, I created my first layout in months, so I thought I would share.

I hope to catch up on reading my regular blogs today. It has been awhile.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Kimber-Leigh said...

i love your turquoise tin diane! we had a deep red one over our fireplace too!

and how fun for you and steph howell to be so close...did you know her at baylor?

sarahross said...

Your little Stella is too cute. I love the photo of her looking all intense with marker on her face.

stephanie said...

ack! too cute.
and your house looks so adorable, i can't wait to see it.
so so glad to have finally met you!

tracey fields said...

stella is so cute!!! also, i love the turquoise.

lindsay said...

hey diane! i "happened" upon your beautiful blog recently! is it ok if i link to it on mine??

Amy said...

Hi there,

I just got you blog link from the "roll call" on Karen Russell's website. I guess we'll be in class together!

Take care and see ya soon.