Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hello again...

Wow, I knew I was going to take a break over the holidays, but I did not know it would be this long! We had a great Christmas with our family. In January, Jeremy finished his first seminary class through RTS and I turned 29 the next day...can I really be this close to 30? It feels weird, never mind that we have 2 kids, a dog, a mortgage and I drive a minivan, I still feel like I am fresh out of college.

Around the house I have been organizing. It is not one of my best skills. I do like the results, but getting there is hard.

The girls are having fun and keeping us entertained.

The other day Emma asked us if she stayed real still would people think she was a decoration.

Love it.

And below are some pictures of Stella in her tights...completely adorable right?

We have also been doing some small updates around the house. Jeremy says turquoise is the new accent color. We have been adding a splash here and there. My camera battery is charging now, when it is finished I will take photos and share them with you.
I have missed catching up with all of you.


krista said...

So glad you're back! I check your blog almost everyday and I had began to wonder what happened to you!

JILLIAN said...

It's so good to hear about your everyday life! It makes me miss you less. Your girls are as precious as ever. If we ever make a little trip to Waco we'll have to catch up. Love, Jillian

sarahross said...

Oh my goodness, this Sunday I was just laughing about Addie's belly hanging over her tights. The picture of Stella made my day. Love it.

tracey fields said...

i miss you- glad we're still alive.

tracey fields said...

i LOVE that chair! said...

missed you too!
i checked back over and over...and now you are finally back to blogging...yeah!
the picture with the tights is classic.