Thursday, September 15, 2011

someone is having a birthday today!

festival of nations

Five years ago today, Stella was born.  We didn't quite make it to the hospital in time and to all of our surprise she was born on the bathroom floor at our home. Jeremy caught her as she came out.  We managed to squeeze sweet baby Stella, me, Jeremy, two EMTs, a couple of fireman and Jeremy's mom into our teeny tiny bathroom and hallway while the EMT's cut the umbilical cord. 

All modesty flies out the window when you give birth but I did always feel a little funny after Stella's birth, when I went grocery shopping alongside the fireman doing their grocery shopping, wondering if they were some of the men squeezed into our bathroom and hallway and you know saw me right after giving birth-can we say awkward!?!

Stella brings such a sweet, creative, funny and thoughtful spirit to our family. We love her so much!!! Today is her special day and she is very excited to go apple picking with her classmates on a field trip and I am very excited to join her!

Happy Birthday Stella!



RachelDenbow said...

YOU HAD HER AT HOME! IN YOUR BATHROOM! AND JEREMY CAUGHT HER! That's the best birth story ever and I don't know how I didn't know this part about your little family.

Let's go ahead and decide that you tell us more stories when we see you this weekend!

Happy Birthday, Stella!

katielicht said...

oh man!! i always love a good "accidentally born at home" story. congratulations to you and I'm glad everything worked out! :) your daughter is beautiful. i hope you all have a perfect happy day.

Kimber-Leigh said...

happy birthday stella! i love your birth story :) (weren't you at an ali edwards scrapbook class earlier that day? i think i remember you telling me that...)

i hope that y'all have a very special day celebrating sweet stella!