Monday, July 25, 2011

having fun/making messes!

There was a 12 hour window last Friday where the whole house was completely clean. It was the first time since we moved in last August that this little apartment was in ship shape. It felt so good to have the laundry in all of the appropriate places, the beds made with fresh, clean sheets and both the pantry and the fridge full of fresh food.  There is nothing wrong with having or wanting a clean house. But sometimes it feels too important, and I have to remind myself that the messes we make on the table, in the kitchen and on the floor mean that life and love are happening here in our home with the people that I love. Baking cookies, painting pictures or sewing something from pretty fabric are all a mess worth making.

p.s. Most of the time in that twelve hour window when the apartment was clean, Jeremy and I were sleeping! Ha!

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Cheryl said...

Yes, Diane! I need to reminded of that as well. Life worth living is often times messy - especially in this season of life.
Btw, thank you for your message about the dolls - it was very helpful!