Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my big blank canvas!

overhead projector-found!

Last week I was struck with inspiration that put me on the hunt for an old-school overhead projector.  My parents have one, but they are all the way in Texas, so I called our local library and a few other places to see if they had any to check out and had no success.  Yesterday, I was so happy to find one for an amazing price on craigslist and Jeremy volunteered to go pick it up for me. Now, we are the proud owners of an old-school overhead projector. So if you ever need to borrow one....

big blank canvas before

I need the projector to help me finish the space above our TV.  I've been staring at that wall for quite awhile now trying to figure out the perfect thing.  All along I knew I wanted something big, but I wasn't sure what. There is already a good bit of color on that side of the room and I want it all to flow together and feel good without being too busy. When I had that moment of inspiration last week I finally felt brave enough to go buy a really big canvas for the space. I printed off a coupon for Hobby Lobby before heading out the door with Jeremy. We picked up the big canvas and were so relieved it fit in the back of our car (we were worried it wouldn't!).  Then we went on a date to one of our very favorite pizza places, Dewey's....yum!  I'm so thankful for Jeremy's help and support with all of my ideas and projects for our home. It makes it so much more fun throughout the process!

Hopefully, I can tackle the big canvas this week.  I do hope it turns out the way I have imagined it in my head.  And if the whole thing fails maybe I can get Jeremy to paint the canvas for me.


Jillian said...

Hi Diane :) I'm excited to find another Midwest Momma! Husband, myself and our little man Cash live in the STL area. I'll be checking out your adventures. Best,

Kimber-Leigh said...

oh i am excited to see what you do with your canvas!!!

Lee Ann said...

So fun. Can't wait to see the finished project!