Tuesday, July 12, 2011

someone had a birthday last month


A couple of years ago, Emma and I were reading through her Highlights High Five magazine a few weeks before her birthday. We read a recipe for Banana Split breakfast and Emma requested it for breakfast on her upcoming birthday. It was a hit that year and has been ever since.  Keeping with tradition we started out her day with a festive table and her very special banana split breakfast.

It was a school day so she went off to school and patiently waited all day for a trip to The Magic House after school.  The kids LOVE this place!




After The Magic House we headed home for our Friday night tradition: family movie night, homemade pizza and this time birthday cake.


A few weeks later we had a birthday party with her friends from school. Emma's had a few requests for her party: eating cupcakes in a jar, weaving placemats and hunting for real teacups that her friends could quote "take home and keep forever...or until they break." :)

Below the girls are peaking out the window and waiting for their friends to arrive!


The streamers were made by taping a bunch of strips of receipt paper to a yard stick that Jeremy hung above the table. The blue cake plate was found at Homegoods a while back.  I found some vintage plates and candle holders at the Goodwill outlet and made the small cake plates that night before the party.


First we weaved place mats!


Then we went on a teacup hunt.  I found more than enough vintage teacups at the Goodwill Outlet and payed under $3 for all of them!  I wrapped them up in a brown paper bag and secured it with a cute paper straw.


After the teacup hunt, we had our tea party! Our "tea" was apple juice b/c we're bigger fans of the tea party idea and not so much the actual flavor of tea. The girls used their newly woven place mats and drank out of their very own teacups.


The party came together pretty easily and under a small budget. I sent Evites rather than a paper invitations and most of the decorations and the table linens were items we already had.  We only purchase a few things for the party which included teacups for the hunt (those were their favors too) paper to weave place mats, jars for the cupcakes (those will be put to use again) and we couldn't resist picking up some cute paper straws to make drinking water a bit more festive.



Danielle said...

I think birthdays are the best day of the year, and I love hearing others' ideas for parties, etc. I most definitely saved the "cupcakes-in-jar" idea in my party ideas file.

Kara Gehret said...

Your daughter has incredible taste! I would love to have that party. Also, your home may be the cutest ever.

Laura said...

well done! i love that she had so many ideas for her party:).

Anonymous said...

hard to believe she is getting so big...I remember seeing her a few weeks after she was born! Beautiful party, lovely taste....it's so Diane. Miss you!
Aimee B

Lee Ann said...

Oh My. She is so completely grown! It brought a little tear to my eye.

katielicht said...

your party looks so, so sweet. I can really tell how much love you put into your daughter's big day.

I think this might be my first comment on your blog. i discovered it a while ago and have been happy you've been updating lately! I was born in st. louis when my dad was at seminary there, we moved away when I was 2, so I don't remember too much of it. but there's something about reading your posts that gives me a glimpse into what my family's life might have been like back then.

Elise said...

Love that party!! So cute and fun!!! I also love, love, love that shelf with all the plates around it!!!