Saturday, July 9, 2011

it's time to catch up

Let's start with June.

Remember this photo from their first day?  It's one of my most favorite photos of those two.

first day

I took this photo on the morning of their last day of school.  I snapped them before they walked into the building. They are standing in front of the school butterfly garden.  My how they've grown!

school butterfly garden

pre-k 4 herb garden

the class made the sign

k-2 garden

The weather chart in Stella's classroom. She made one just like it at home.


I love this word list in Emma's class. Now I know why a glockenspiel was on her birthday list. ;)


and our big surprise when they got home!  Hooray! School's out for Summer!


They each had their own stacks of brand new books waiting for them, even Lincoln.  We finished most of them within the first few weeks. Now all of the new stories sit alongside the rest of the books on the shelves ready to picked up and enjoyed even more. Our kids love books and we are so happy that they do.  Thanks grandparents for encouraging your grandkids' reading habits!

This post was just a smidgen of all we have been up to around here. I have lots more photos to share  from our adventures...and I need to post the rest of the photos from the Waco house.

P.S.  The banner hanging from the tents is a project I made from the Home Ec sewing class. It's a fun one. We use that banner for all kinds of things around here. Tent tutorial found here.


Elise said...

I'm sure you won major mom points for the tents and books!! So cute...

Kimber-Leigh said...

such fun! i love those tents! (and love catching up on your summer!)

i'd love to hear more about the girl's school looks really wonderful!