Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

Lincoln and I stayed behind on Friday while Jeremy took the girls to our church's Good Friday Service, which was a joint service and meal with New City South. The report from the girls was that they ate white chili, saw friends from school and the worship service included songs in different languages.  I am so glad they got to attend while Lincoln and I held down the fort.

Lincoln and I spent most of our time in the basement with our neighbors while tornado sirens were going off all around us. We had netflix to entertain all the little boys, Lincoln's diaper leaked on me, and I managed not to freak out, which is my normal mode of operation in tornado storms. Thankfully we were all safe.

Our church hosted a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and cookout on Saturday afternoon. It was raining, so the whole thing was moved inside. Balloon animals were included and that got Lincoln very excited.


and the girls with their butterflies.


All the flurry of the Easter egg hunt...



Hey Lincoln, check it out, there is stuff inside the eggs...


Jeremy and I went to the Civil Wars concert on Saturday evening.  *sigh*  I am still reliving that whole experience-it was amazing!  When we got home we had to throw together a breakfast casserole, Easter baskets and a little bit of decor; banner says: He is Risen.  Here is a scene from late Saturday night.


One of our super simple Easter traditions is to include an egg in their basket without any candy inside. Instead, there is a note that says, He is Risen!  Empty egg...empty tomb.  (Please excuse the Lincoln's missing pants, sometimes they just get in the way)


The key to his heart is little toy cars. I thought the truck on the right was Tow Mater. Turns out it's not.


Our church held a brunch on Easter Morning...such a fun idea! These were the centerpieces that my friends, Whitney and Afton, put together.  So pretty!

And Stella managed to squeeze in a little post-brunch reading with her friend.

Side Note: Now seems like the time to mention the difference between the girls hair from Saturday and Sunday.  I gave the girls haircuts on Saturday afternoon. I have to admit I was a little scared and afraid I would butcher it. Thankfully, they turned out pretty cute and thankfully they each have a natural wave to hide any imperfections.

Then, to add to the celebrating on Easter Sunday, we held the annual balloon launch after worship.


I thought he might cry when we let his balloon go, but he was totally into the whole launch.



It started raining minutes after the launch.

I didn't get a single picture of all three kids in their Easter attire.  I may just have them wear it again next Sunday, when it is supposed to be beautiful and sunny.

Thanks for looking through our photos from the weekend, we had so much fun!


AlliT said...

Glad you had a great weekend!!

It was very nice meeting you at the concert. Which BTW was amazing... You should have stayed a little longer we were able to hang out with JP and Joy for a while... It was fantastic!!

Let's thrift soon!!

Lee Ann said...

What's the significance of the balloon launch?

Sounds like y'all had a great weekend.