Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a little disclaimer

my kitchen sink

After I posted my Valentine's DIY this morning I got in the shower and started thinking that I should put a little disclaimer on my blog.

Since it can be a challenge to clarify "tone" on a blog, I was worried my list of accomplishments in the previous post might come across in a different way than they were intended like in a snarky, Nellie Olsen (Little House on the Prairie) tone. If you don't mind, read the list as though I typed it in a tone of disbelief, because I still can't believe I got that much done in just a few days. It may be a one time occurrence. This storm kind of made me a home-making maniac.

Also, the yummy cookies and granola are recipes came from one of my new friends here, she gave me a whole stack of her family's favorite healthy, simple and delicious sounding recipes-which is cause for excitement in my opinion :)

1 comment:

Kimber-Leigh said...

diane, i don't think you could possibly ever sound like nellie olsen :) it didn't come across as snarky at all!

and your valentines are adorable!