Friday, January 28, 2011

my favorite kind of thrifting

mirror and camera from the Free Store

One of my favorite types of thrifting is "free thrifting" and one of the awesome things about the seminary is the Free Store, that's right, everything in the store is free.   I went to the store for my first time last summer.  It was amazing because someone had donated a bunch unopened baby food and I had just fed Lincoln our last jar and was short on time for going to the grocery store, so I thrifted some baby food for free in the nick of time! On that same day a friend got a guitar and I also got the polaroid camera sitting on the shelf in the above photo. A few weeks ago I found this mirror and it reminded me of this one at anthro. The red is not the right red for our place so I plan on painting it black or dark dark brown when it warms up outside.

PS. this is just a few of the fun Free Store scores that we've had, I'll share more soon!


Gen said...

WOW! I can't believe you found that mirror for free! I saw how much that anthro one cost and boy did you save a lot of money! They looked quite the same! You could probably sell that think for a couple hundred!lol!

Maegan said...

Awesome score! It is soo similar to the anthro one!