Tuesday, July 6, 2010

our monday

Jeremy has a week long break in between his summer greek sessions and we are filling it up with adventures and fun.

Our first stop was the St. Louis Science Center-we are big fans of the tunnel that crosses over the highway. You can stand over windows in the floor and watch the cars drive underneath you.

science center tunnel

A fun surprise was running into the Denbows. We all had a little coffee break together and chatted about our families. We really enjoyed hanging out with you, Denbow family!

meeting the denbows

Did you have any adventures over the long weekend?


Kimber-Leigh said...

how fun--a great museum and a creative friend as well! that museum looks great!

and next time you're headed to oklahoma, let me know and we'll meet up somewhere and i'll take you for gelato (the girls would love it...there's a little play nook so that mom's can enjoy their coffee or gelato and chat!)

diane said...

I would love to do that!