Tuesday, July 6, 2010

8 months old

8 months old

The little guy turned 8 months old yesterday. He started to crawl right before we moved and now he is crawling like it's his full time job. Pulling up is next on his to-do list.

hey buddy

He messes with outlets and power cords like an uninsured electrician.

He growls like an aspiring foley artist.

He was all boy yesterday during a neighborhood birthday party. He lost his balance while sitting in the grass, rolled over, and caught himself with his head in a pile of dirt. I think he was even happier with a little dirt on his noggin.

8 months old

When he smiles big he squints his eyes real tight. It's adorable. Our next task is to capture the squinting and the growling on video.

My most favorite moment was hearing him say "mama." Said with great passion bright and early Sunday morning, when he was ready to start the day. That sweet sound got me up and at 'em even before the coffee was ready-a rarity around here.

We had another St. Louis adventure today, I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Very, very cute.

cheryl said...

He is adorable! Don't you love having a boy? I say all the time, how thankful I am for this new adventure with Reed.

kristine said...

he's adorable! and i love your sling fabric!

Lee Ann said...

Love that last pic. It's awesome!

And the pic of him in your house makes me sad. I miss that house.

Glenn Welling said...

Can't believe we're missing him growing up. We miss you guys,

diane said...

I love love love having a boy Cheryl, I am sure Lincoln and Reed will have some stories to exchange having two older sisters.

diane said...

kristine-I love that sling fabric too. I am borrowing it from my neighbor...my sling is most likely in storage b/c I can't find it anywhere around here.