Tuesday, April 20, 2010

springy wreaths

While we were visiting Jeremy's family in Oklahoma in March, the girls and I did a little crafting with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Our project was to make our own spring wreath following the tutorial on Ashley's blog, Under the Sycamore.

making my butterflies

Since we were such spontaneous crafters, we made our own butterflies. If you put a bit more planning into your project you could visit The Gilded Bee's etsy shop, and pick from her rainbow of handmade butterflies. You are bound to find the perfect shade for your home this spring. Here is a small sampling of what her shop offers below.

Who wouldn't love to receive some of these pretties in the mail?

This was a really fun project. I think my favorite thing about these wreaths is the variety of textures.

my wreath complete

my wreath complete

my sister-in-law's wreath

sister-in-laws wreath

little sister's wreath

little sister's wreath

big sister's wreath

big sister's wreath

We cut out cardboard circles for the girls wreaths and assisted them with the yarn wrapping and butterfly cutting. They did most of the stamping themselves. As well as the adapting them to costumes; that was their idea too.

silly girls

My sweet little butterfly blossoms.


AshleyAnn said...

Thanks for sharing that with me. Your girl's wreaths are too cute...as it the posed picture! Thanks so much for letting me know you did this - fun surprise for me!

Kimber-Leigh said...

thanks for this great idea! my kiddos will love it...might do a more "boyish" bug for my little guy though!

Genevieve said...
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Genevieve said...

I love those wreaths. How did you make those butterflies? Did you have a punch or a template to use? What a great project!

maemarie said...

Way to go making your own butterflies! The wreaths look great!