Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Inspriation...

Wednesdays are are hardest day of the week for me. I think by midweek I am just worn out. So far, I have spent Monday and Tuesday, tackling all of my crafting supplies. I am keeping only my favorite things and tossing the rest into our garage sale pile. It is so freeing to let things go.

In addition to going through all of our belongings before our move. I hope to finish decorating the kids room. It needs to look finished for staging. :) Plus, I really want to see my vision for this room to come to fruition before we move.

The girls were both given matching day beds this summer. I LOVE them and can't wait to make the bedding. I have been on the look out for pretty photos of daybeds to help me in my endeavor. Below are three pretty photos that I found via Ohdeeoh.

These rooms are the work of Sixx Design. A husband and wife team with 7 children!

I love the beds.

I love the curtains.

I love the artwork.

They have a reality show coming to Bravo. It makes me wish we had cable. =(

what rooms are inspiring you right now?


Anonymous said...

I loved that tour! Especially those beds!

Kimber-Leigh said...

those are fun rooms :) and i know what you mean about getting the room ready. i feel like my home finally reaches my "vision" right before it is time to move! do you know where ya'll are headed yet?

Genevieve said...

I love evrything about those rooms! What a Fabulous find!

I just put up some shelves in my room to organize all my craft supplies! Now I have more space on my table to work on.

diane said...

Kimber-Leigh, we are headed to St. Louis. We are so excited!

Gen-yay for hanging shelves and organizing your supplies. A little change in scenery is always inspiring.