Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Party

Ain't No Time Like Valentimes by Jeremy Reeves


There's Eastern Time
and there's
Central Time


And there's Mountain Time

And Pacific Time


But there ain't no time like Valentimes
Ain't no time like Valentimes

If you've ten cents
Then you've got a dime
And if you've ten seconds
Then you've got time


Will you spend your dime on Valentimes?
and will you spend your time as my Valentime?

3 months of time


and 3 years of time


and 5 years of time


Almost 9 years of time


All this time I've
spent with my valentimes


All this time I've spent with my valentimes


And there ain't no time like Valentimes
No there ain't no time like Valentimes



And now the rest of the story...

-I decided to throw this shindig for our family because the girls had such fond memories of the homeschool Valentine's party last year. We couldn't attend this year because I forgot to register us with the association...so to alleviate their disappointment we had our first official family party.

-Stella's first reaction to the table decor was, "It's not pwetty!"

-Stella erased the lovely heart drawing on the chalkboard before the party officially began, Emma, devastated by her sister's actions announced, "now the Valentine's party is ruined!"

-My plan for our lunch was to make our own pizzas. The girls LOVE pizza. For some reason, hunger maybe, they did not like this idea at all. Instead, they requested pb&j cut out in a heart shape.

-Our girls call Valentine's Day," Valentime's Day", which is where Jeremy got the idea for his song he sang to them.

-We all wore heart pins, after watching Julie and Julia, it was a must.

-Emma made Jeremy's heart for him to wear. She made it several days before the party, unaware of my plan for us all to adorn ourselves this way. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

-The girls collaborated on a work of art for Lincoln's first Valentine's Day. I taped off half of the canvas. Stella went first, then after it dried, it was Emma's turn.

Happy Valentime's!

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