Sunday, January 3, 2010

current temps

current home:

waco 43

future home:

st. louis 12

princeton 24

I am stocking up on sweaters for the family to get us through the next few years in a colder climate.

I have finished taking down our Christmas decorations tonight and have successfully downsized our collection of decorations from 41/2 bins to just 1 1/2, since we will be squeezing our family into an apartment later on this year.

Jeremy is at an Avett Brothers concert tonight and will come home to unfortunately work on our plumbing.

Hope you enjoy your evening...


sarahross said...

I hope you love St.Louis. We really cherish the time we spent there...but, is SO much colder.

Glenn Welling said...

You are welcome to my Columbia coat that I had in Minnesota. I invested about $250 in it even when a poor grad student because it was absolutely necessary. It's not cute, but its what you need in extreme cold. Although neither of those places is quite as cold as MN.

Kimber-Leigh said...

so excited for you guys :)get a nice big warm coat too!