Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a little celebration

We had a family party on Saturday for Stella.

Saturday morning, she saw the present from us on our bed and said, "Stella's party, that's my present." I stepped out our room for a moment, came back, and she was up on our bed opening the gift. I caught her before she got a really good peek.

We decorated our own cupcakes. My sister-in-law Janee', whipped these up for us along with lots of colorful frosting to make them pretty. We used party decorations from Emma's first birthday, her 3rd birthday and a bridal shower I hosted for my friend ( I bought them for her shower, but I forgot to use them. They now have a one year old. Yes, I have held on to them for awhile.)

I had big plans for Stella's party decor. The only non-recycled party paraphernalia we did have were the Happy Birthday plates and napkins that I purchased on Friday. The same day she woke up EARLY in the a.m and threw up all over Jeremy.

After another, less dramatic episode and a couple of baths for Stella, we all went back to bed.

So, that is when I decided we would be doing good if we had birthday gift for her and some plates.

Back to the party:
Emma is a pro at unwrapping, Stella will be a pro come Christmas.

She loved this card with the bears. I think it is the only card she actually stopped to look at.

With each card opened, she shouted "Happy Birthday to me!"

The girls have been enjoying all the lovely gifts.

I am excited several of them can be included in our homeschooling.


Maegan said...

I can't believe she's two! Happy Birthday Stella!

sarahross said...

Happy Birthday Stella!

Anne Alley said...

What a great party, the pics are adorable!

Kasey said...

what a sweet pea!

Jeanneoli said...

Sweet pics. I also homeschool my three children and love it. Glad I found your blog.