Monday, March 24, 2008

this makes me happy

Although this is such a mess (look past the decoration at the lovely pile possibilities). I feel so inspired and ready to play. All it took was making this cute little Easter decoration. I fumbled through putting the Easter hanging together with Jeremy's mom over the weekend. We got the kits at Crop, Paper, Scissors. I felt like my hands were barely able to cut, paste and glitter. My craft armoire has been neglected for over a month. The site of all the items piled on top of each other felt so discouraging. Thankfully, this past weekend things changed. In fact, I felt so inspired I took over our dining table and started a new project.

My newest is pictured above to the right. I am putting together ornament boxes for the girls Christmas ornaments. I prefer to think I am way ahead of the game, this being March and and next Christmas is 9 months away, rather than being way behind from last Christmas.


Kimber-Leigh said...

i say you are way ahead of the game diane! and i love your easter cute!

tracey fields said...

great idea...can you talk about the ornament boxes a little more...i am interested in this...i've never thought of it!

diane said...

I will be happy to go into detail about the ornament boxes. I will share the finished product in a post, along with the purpose.