Sunday, February 24, 2008

flu, bronchitis and a minor surgery

Sound nice doesn't it? I was laid out for almost a week. Jeremy took on all my duties while I was sick, which included hosting Emma's preschool Valentine's party. Here he is making cookies. In our vast baking experience, we forgot that sugar cookies do indeed spread while they are baking. So the lovely heart shapes morphed into a blob shape. And we were in fact, disappointed at this discovery when he took the blobs out of the oven. However, we providentially were on the speaker phone with Jeremy's mom at the time. She suggested we go back over the blobs with our heart cookie cutter while they were still warm. And, viola, the large blobs turned into adorable hearts and we got to eat the extra.
Jeremy hosted the party complete with perfectly shaped heart cookies. Emma was excited to have her Daddy go to school with her. Apparently the party was a success, her first words when she got home from preschool were, "the party was great, mommy!"

I am much better now, I have been catching up on piles of laundry and papers. Once I recovered, I went to an amazing conference last weekend with some girlfriends.

This past Monday, we took Emma, who has suffered from substantial hearing loss, to get tubes in her ears and her adenoids out. Calming her down after the surgery took longer than the actual procedure. She has been hearing new sounds like birds chirping, water running out of the faucet and the toilet flushing. We are so thankful this is behind us and are still amazed that she could still communicate with us while her hearing was so limited.


Sara Martin said...

Diane, so sorry you have been sick--I hate this time of year because of that. I was wanting to buy one of your 6x6 albums but I wasn't sure how. Hope you have a relaxing week!

sarahross said...
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sarahross said...

Sorry I was thinking of my niece when I wrote the previous comment...let me try that again:

Hope you and EMMA are all recovered and getting back to normal.

Have you heard of Family Fun magazine? A friend recently gifted me with a subscription and I love it. Great crafts & ideas. is their online site.

JILLIAN said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. It sounds like you were really sick! Jeremy did a great job with the valentine's party - I'm going to remember the cookie cutter trick :) I hope Emma is doing well. Jonathan also has tubes in his ears. It has helped him so much. He's under the weather now too. Rest well and know that we miss you! Love, Jillian

malevolent-mimi said...

My friend said the same thing about getting this surgery when she was a kid. She says the tubes never stayed in though they fell out and she had to have the surgery again and they fell out a second time. It might depend on how much wax develops in her ears. And it will probably sound REALLY loud when you clean her ears from now on. Im sure they will stay in longer than my friends because she had it done probably over 30 years ago.

AND YAY for perfect sugar cookies! I never thought of cutting them AFTER they are done baking, that's neat. Thanx mom! haha


Organizing Mommy said...

That's impressive--cutting the cookies after they've been cooked. You should give your hubby a big hug. I can not imagine asking him to run a kid's party! Hope you are feeling better. I lurk around here--trying to figure out how you make all of those cute scrapbooks and such. Very nice.
Jena said...

that is impressive.
i don't know if my husband would even consider it let alone do it. i bet he even had fun.

glad you are feeling better and your daughter has a new perspective in life!
that must be so exciting for her too!

happydays525 said...

Oh wow Diane! I'm so sorry to hear about everything that you've been going through but am glad to hear that everyone is coming out better in the end it seems! That's got to be just an amazing thing for Emma to be able to hear more now, so happy for you all.

Take it easy, love the cookies too!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Wow! That Bronchitis is sure going around! I have it too -- and it's the second time now! Cool trick with the heart-shaped cookies. And your Jeremy sure is a keeper -- so sweet of him to help you and prepare for the party with Emma :-) I'm sure she loved it!

tracey fields said...

ok- it's time to update...i know that that is the pot calling the kettle black...but i'm working on it! hope ya'll are doing well.

Kimber-Leigh said...

so glad emma is doing alright! i will definitely remember that sugar cookie tip...i always seem to get blobs too when i make any shaped sugar cookies!