Friday, September 28, 2007


I LOVE Fridays, really who doesn't. Jeremy has Friday's off, he spends a good bit of his day off studying. Have I mentioned he started seminary last week? So with a family, a full time job, part-time seminary, a 1930's cottage and yard in need of much love and attention we can feel a little stretched by the end of the week. That is why we need our family nights- a time to hang out and have fun. Tonight we spent our family night with some of our dear friends. They came over with food. We found food in our fridge and threw it all together for our dinner. The kiddos played and colored while the adults talked. Thanks for coming over Donaldson's!

I love the blurry photo of Emma and Damascus, it truly captures their energy and spirit. Those two are constantly in motion.

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happydays525 said...

So fun and what a great idea (the tracing of the kids to color!). Congrats on your husband starting his seminary work! What an exciting time, as always, thanks for sharing a peek into your creative life! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!