Monday, August 13, 2007

we're back!

It is good to be back home, I will post about the trip tomorrow and the rest of the week. Right now the girls are supposed to be having rest time and I just overheard Emma trying to teach Stella how to saythe word, "ridiculous." Love it!

"Stella, can you say rediculas (which is how Emma says it), you say it re-dic-u-las, rediculas."

Hmmm...I must have muttered that a few too many times in the car yesterday. My muttering that, among other things had something to do with the lack of road signs in the OK state. And my taking the wrong roads a few to many times. Grrrr. I guess they expect you to use a map, go figure. I, however, prefer to figure my way around places with out a map, via road signs. I am thankful we made it home safely with out any flat tires or mishaps on the two lane road, where I was certain no one would be able to find us or help us had we been stranded, okay, a slight exageration, just slight though.

And, yes, I learned my lesson. I will get a map of Oklahoma and read it next time.

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Cheryl Wimberly said...

still waiting for those photos from Tulsa... :) no pressure.