Thursday, August 30, 2007

august 2007

Good times in Tulsa, Emma got to help in the kitchen a lot-which she loves! At both sets of her grandparents homes she has a designated area for her creative play. An adorable desk at her Papa and ZeZe's and the table Glenn and I used growing up, at her Bopa and Mimi's. I love that they have a special place like that for Emma and before too long, for Stella.

Stella learned to climb the stairs and had fun on the horse. I can't believe she will be one in less than a month!

Flowers from J when we returned...
Thursday Night: Family night, which is usually spent swimming at the Y, but due to the rainy forecast we stayed home and baked this yummy dessert.

Stella participated by gnawing on a biter biscuit, her favorite treat.

While in Tulsa, I brought this wooden set of Ikea drawers to alter, it holds the girls hair accessories and jewelry. I used spray paint and the Heidi Swapp bird mask.

I found this little butterfly hook on clearance at Micheals and covered it with this fun paper. I have no idea where I will hang it. Sometimes I just need a small little project that I can complete to get the creative juices flowing.

I also but an adorable Amy Butler mini album kit (forgot to take photos) but will when I add pictures to the album. I will use it to document how Emma plays right now. I love her imagination and it seems like turning three has been a big changing point in that.

Okay, so I am making up for my absenteeism. I have decided that I will use turquoise as a fall color on my fall decor this year. I found this little pumpkin at Hobby Lobby for half off, so it was less than $3! The photo doesn't quite capture the perfect shade of blue that it is. I looove it! I also found the wire one there as well. Both will be paired with a ceramic cream pumpkin in a fall display.
Look, Cottage Living even agrees:

And finally, some other little projects:

This is a custom size album I use for my day planner. It is the perfect for 8.5" x 5.5" dividers and notebook paper I love it because it is so sturdy I know it will be fine tossing it in my purse or bag. The cover design is inspired by a mini-album made by Kristina Contes.

And some pendants:
The new home office area is coming along. We are waiting on a shipment of shelves from Ikea, and little curtain to be made by me. I can't wait untill it all comes together!


happydays525 said...

Wow, everything looks awesome! I've been meaning to ask a question regarding the adhere the patterned papers to the back? If so, what do you use for the glue/adhesive? Thanks! =)

Susan said...

Oh, I want one of those journals. Loved yours when I saw it - even checked at Crop Paper Scissors when I was in yesterday to see if they had it yet. No luck, but lots of other great new sizes!!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love your day planner diane! and stella has grown so much! the girls are precious...glad you had such a great trip!

Denise said...

Thanks for the tutorial...sounds like my little guy is about the same age as your little one (his bday is Sept 25th). And we just started going to MOPS this fall at the invitation of a fellow scrapper...busy but fun!