Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday: Green

I had no trouble finding things in my home for this color. We seem to have a thing for green around here. So here are some of my favorite green things:

The first picture is of our monogram on our mantle. I made these letters 2 Christmas's ago. I love the green paper on the R. One of my favorites. Next, is of a handkerchief I got a cute shop just North of Waco, called Bloom and Bee Swanky. It is a Vera. I loved it b/c of the butterflies on it. I love butterflies. The only reason I am aware of Vera linens is from an issue of Martha Stewart Living several years ago. There was an article on vintage linens. Third, this album, one of my favorite projects for a couple of reasons: it houses several of my favorite photos, little did I know, I was in labor with Stella when I made this, I made it when Ali Edwards came to Waco and I loved the whole process of making this little book. And finally, the green vintage wallpaper plate, one of a set of four from Anthropologie. They hang on the wall in our dining room. Every time I look at them they make me happy b/c of the great colors and patterns. Thanks for a couple of more photos from today.

Wednesdays are always hard around here. I am not sure what it is. Today, was no exception. We were spoiled with the long weekend, Jeremy has Fridays off, so with Memorial day, we got to have him for 4 whole days. It was so nice. Today, he took some of the junior high guys from church climbing. I am so glad he got to climb and I wish he could go more often. He didn't get home till late this evening. Then Bella escaped out the back gate- black lab, no collar, dark outside and she refuses to come when you call her once she is you can imagine how fun it was to get her back home. In between meltdowns and nursing Stella, I did manage to get a shot of Emma reading a book to her. The book is called "Bear Hunt". I cute story I might add.
I also got a wonderful package of scrapbook supplies from Janna Wilson of Junkitz. We did a little product swap and she was very generous. I love the calender tablet. It is the perfect size for my 6x6 acrylic album...I can't wait to work on that. And the journaling spotz, alphabetz and feltz flowers look like so much fun. Thanks Janna!

And finally, a little pendant I made using rub-ons and a chipboard letter. If you look closely, you can see the rub-ons wrap around the pendant. Most of the pink rub-on is on the back behind the "d" and the rub-ons in each corner at the top are on the front. That's it for now, I better go to bed. Thanks for looking.


Vee said...

ooo i love it all!!
you are so sweet, yes you did email me back. thank you!!
i will place an order soon
i love the 6x6 album
have a great day!!:)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of these! I am very interested in creating some acrylic pendants but I don't know where to start? Do you have any tutorials for ideas?


happydays525 said...

Fun catching up on your blog again! Those Junkitz goodies are sweet! Love the pendant too! :)

Cindy said...

Omgosh...small world. I just found Bloom and Bee Swanky about a month ago and I love it. Love that bag you found there. Cute cute stuff that you do. Love the all the plexiglass, where do you find those at.