Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time to catch up...

I want to thank everyone for their interest in d. reeves design house products. We have stayed busy packaging up orders and enjoy the response we have received from different countries as well as all over the US.

A couple of weeks ago, I was participating in a color week on Jerusalem's blog. I only made it through Monday's and Tuesday's color assignments. On Wednesday, our phone and internet went out because of some bad storms. So, needless to say, I was not able to finish up the color week. I know I am way behind, but I hope to catch up on it this week. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is green.

In the meantime, here are some photos of some baby shower decorations I did for my brother and sister-in-laws shower. Robert's nursery is a vintage airplane theme and so was the shower. The jar is from Walmart, it is the largest size they sell. The airplanes are made of wood, painted and covered with paper. All of the clouds are made out of this cute paper from Hobby Lobby. The Welcome sign was for the door, but there was already a wreath on the door. I know the picture of it is a little blurry. I snapped all of these really fast. I got the wooden Welcome on clearance at Walmart, along with the airplane, and again used paper for the clouds. I had so much fun with this! Speaking of Robert, he was born on May 21, at 2:05 am. We re so glad he is here safe and sound. We can't wait to meet him!

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Jerusalem said...

I wondered what happened! I can't imagine losing everything like that, think I would go a little nuts. Like an addict in rehab. Glad to see you are back and busy, busy! The airplanes on sticks look too cute!