Sunday, April 29, 2007

Glenn and Kelly are back in Houston! We are so glad they were able to fly home yesterday. She is still on bed rest, but now they get to be at home.

Emma is also back with us, we met J's family at Ikea, in Dallas, on Thursday. I missed her so much, but am thankful she gets to have times like that with her grandparents. She had a good time in Tulsa, she even got to help out behind the counter at the scrapbook store where Jeremy's mom shops. I think she handed the customers there change and said "thanks for coming." Emma also painted and stamped a flower pot for me for Mother's Day while she was there. I love it. Her hair is longer and she looks bigger. It is amazing what 10 days will do. She also had a surprise for us...she came home potty-trained! She wears pull-ups at night and for long trips, but so far since she has been home things are going great. I can't believe she will be 3 in just over a month.

The girls are now sleeping in the same room at night, the first was a very long night, Emma kept waking up to go potty or blow her nose, seriously, I think it was like every 2 hours all night. And Stella, was having a hard time sleeping at all because she got some shots on Wednesday. The past two nights have gone fairly well, sometimes Stella will wake up Emma when she cries, but I think she will get used to it. I love the idea of them sharing a room, not that they have I choice, but I think it is sweet.

While she was away I stayed busy working on her baby book, I have to finish it by June 3rd. I made a lot of progress and I have been having fun scraplifting my pages (yes, my non-scrappy friends that is a term known among us scrapbookers). I also caught up on my Heidi Swapp Class, and made a fun and simple travel coffee mug with the new Amy Butler paper...which I love!

We have a busy week ahead. I hope to come up with some kind of schedule for us. I just need to be able to sit down and make a list of everything I want to include in our weeks and come up with some structure. Jeremy said he would help me with this task. I kind of feel overwhelmed with the process. I love the idea of organizing things and our time, but getting to that point can be really difficult for me sometimes. One of the things I have learned about myself in the past year, is that I am really not as structured as I though I was. I think adding a second child to our family and having a very busy toddler has shown me this. I always thought I was but I think school created that for me. Now that I am able to create my schedule for the most part, I really have a hard time sticking to anything. I like flexibility so I hope to come up with a plan that will allow freedom and flexibility.

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