Tuesday, March 20, 2007

d. reeves acrylic albums

I wanted to share some samples of my acrylic scrapbook albums. The first one is an 8 x8 album. One of my favorite features on this sample is that you can see every page through the cover. My inspiration was a quilt block. I continued the pattern of the circles on the turquoise paper onto the acrylic with a white gel pen.

The 8 x 8 albums are perfect for home decorations. The great thing is you can make 2 different signs with one album. Below are some samples I used the same technique on both signs. Attach the paper to the back of the acrylic with spray adhesive. Wrap ribbon around the front and back of the sign. Then attach letters to the front. I used Glue Dots for "Happy Easter" and Diamond Glaze for "Be Mine." I love how they turned out.

I also carry 1 1/2 in. square pendants. They come in a package of four and would make great gifts. I used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the back of the acrylic.

6 x 6 album
Another great technique to use on the acrylic is paint. I painted the back of the album cover with acrylic paint then sealed it with modge podge. I really think it comes out looking like a retro glass tile. Then I stamped the circles with Staz On ink on the front. I attached the butterfly with glue dots.

I am so excited about these products because of all the possibilities. Leave me a comment if you are interested in an album or pendant. I hope to have something set up in the future for purchasing. Thanks for looking!


Cheryl Wimberly said...

oh my gosh Diane!! absolutely amazing. you were very modest when you were talking about them earlier today... i want some!! they are soo cool. i love the little pendents - right now that seems just my size and not too overwhelming. you are very creative and make your products look awesome... i am glad you are teaching a class, because you have a gift. i am very proud of you.

i got some good shots of the girls today. i will email you soon and i also hope to post some on my blog.

we had fun today...

until next time,
cheryl (& saige)

Lee Ann said...

Hey, Do you think you will do any other sizes? I have an idea I would like you to make (help me make?). It's a "Notes" board that I would use a dry erase marker on. I want to hang it next to the phone for messages. We have the hardest time keeping track of those. Let's talk.

And of course, all of your products look great!

amydrake10 said...

Diane, I love the pendants. They'd be fun gifts for my sisters & out of town friends (well, in town friends, too, but they might not be as surprised!). I'd love to take a look!

tracey fields said...

hey- do you include the paper (already cut into sizes?) b/e i love it but i do not have an eye for what papers to put together???

Kimber-Leigh said...

Diane...these look wonderful! Wish I was closer to stop by and check them out...I read about them on the email newsletter Emmalie sent out! So excited for you!!!

Kara said...

these are amazing! i picked up one of your 4x6.5 albums at crop paper scissors today!! LOVE it!! I am totally 'doing it up' tomorrow, and will most likely buy more!! this is an amazing concept!

Sara said...

your stuff looks great. So fun that you are doing this. Your pendant is out of Paper Source paper-did you know? We have lots of similar patterns in different colors. It makes me want to show all my friends at work what you've done with this stuff.

oh, and I dont' think we will go to the reunion, though I kind of want to. We are coming to Texas the end of May, and will be in Texas, so I don't think we will be able to come again, and I'll be big and pregnant! We're having a shower in Waco too, you'll be getting an evite for it.
talk to you soon

Jerusalem said...

your stuff is so cool! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such a great comment. I read where you said that your dining room is your production center. My PC tends to rotate from room to room as I move the piles - lol. If you are ever in Arkansas let me know - we could trade notes : ) Also, on my mantle from Christmas was newspaper that I cut and scalloped. Is that what you saw? Sorry for the long comment! Till next time - J

Anonymous said...

I would love to have some albums, but I can't e-mail you from the links on your blog (its disabled on my work computer). Can you send me your e-mail or published it on your blog? Thanks.

Peaches Scribner

jennifer said...

lovin' these. i was coming up with ideas just looking at them. i totally want some. and yes, cute logo! :) good luck to you. i'll be in touch!