Thursday, February 15, 2007

the girls are still asleep

It is 9 am and both girls are still asleep... I don't know what to do with myself. Emma hasn't slept in this late in a long time. Of course, it could have something to do with her late bedtime the past few nights. On Tuesday, she received candy and valentine's from her friends at Mother's Day Out. She had two pieces of chocolate and was bouncing off the walls all afternoon and evening. We knew we needed to wear her out so we played chase and hide and go seek through the house. It cracked us up to hear the things she was saying during this game. "Come on people, this way!," "Come on people, run this way!," "We have to get the monkey!" (Side note: the monkey is the current animal that receives the most recognition in our daily lives. Monkeys have been known to lurk in her craft cabinet, hide out in the bathroom, and hang out on the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood, while eating the houses.) The game ended with several family "dog piles." Daddy, mommy, Emma and Bella...don't worry Stella didn't participate in the pile, she was sound asleep in the bassinet that she is quickly outgrowing.

So for the past few weeks our mail has not been exciting at all! No new magazines to do the "initial" flip through, not even a Potterybarn catalog to see the same furniture in again. Both Monday and Tuesday have made up for the past few weeks. The postman knocked on or door with 2 boxes, and then we went to the mailbox to find another package! Tuesday we come home from picking up Emma and another package was sitting on our porch! All were special valentine gifts for the girls and sweet valentine messages for the family. Thanks family for sending the love and some exciting mail. Kelly, those adorable cookies were soooooooo yummy.

So, I have to post a picture of Stella. The other night before her bath, I layed her down to get her undressed and she would not lay flat! It was so funny.


tracey fields said...

ok- you would have died if you would have seen my girls after valentines day. they ate sooooo much candy!!!!!!!!! stella is getting so big. she's a cutie~

Shabby Mama said...

hi! I am replying to the reply you left on my blog (you found me on Elsie's site) I about spit tea on the computer when i saw you are in WACO..girl i went to baylor and better than that i was raised in Valley Mills..the little town just north of Waco...and i SOOOO SOO SO wanted to come to Waco when Ali Edwards was there..i read her blog and i was like WOW Ali is coming WACO??!!!! but i did not make it..i am near houston and Crop Paper Scissors is so precious..not a scrap store in houston that fact i was in there just a few weeks ago when iwas up visiting my grandmother in CRAWFORD! small small bloggy world!

and yes my house was in the June 2005 issue of BHG!

SO glad you commented!


happydays525 said...

Loved your comment on my's nice to know that other Mom's/women feel the same things at times. You are so right on about wanting your girls to feel good about themselves...

I want to see the sign you made! :) And, I think I could use one in my house too! ;)

Your littlest one must get lots of "tummy time"...she looks to be so strong to be doing that! Too cute!

ZeZe said...

Great photo! As we already know, Stella is going (already is) to fill your life with lots of surprises. Don't think she will be willing to wait for anything. Stella's time is the only time.
Love your blog too.