Monday, February 19, 2007

the game plan

I have been trying to figure out a routine for me and the we will try this:

wake up
morning routine -this involves making beds, getting dressed, starting laundry, opening shades,
unloading dishwasher
craft time with emma
room time-emma plays by herself in her room for a little while
monday chores with emma ( today we need to dust, vacuum, put laundry away and do finances)
start crockpot for dinner
more playtime or chores
play and get ready for J to come home

We will see how it goes today, as of now Emma is still asleep it is about 8:30, she had a late night last night at community group.


happydays525 said...

Good Luck! :) And have fun!

amydrake10 said...

Diane, I'll put The Kite Runner in my car today so I'll have it on Sunday. As for the 'after church' I still need to check my calendar. Thanks!