Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Cans or Not Two Cans

I debated posting about my trashcans, is it really worthy of a blog post?  But, this is just the type of thing I would tell a good friend over the phone if we were chatting house updates. 

Trader Joe's bags were working just fine to collect our recycling, but they kind of made our kitchen/ living room area look messy.  Plus, our trashcan made a Chewbacca type growling noise every time it closed so I was on the look out for a replacement.  I found a great deal on two stainless steal trashcans a few weeks ago and decided to reserve my Trader Joe's bags for protecting our table when things get messy.  And now we have a trash can and a recycle can!  

I was afraid it would be confusing at first and planned on making labels for the kids, but they all quickly caught on to which was which and no labels were needed.  All of our small to mid-sized recyclables go in the can, while big boxes are broken down and wait in our hallway to be taken out (or we empty our recycle can into a box and use it for carrying everything out).  

I love sharing ideas for keeping a house functional and tidy, do you have any tips for functionality and tidiness? 

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