Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lincoln and the Art Museum

at the SLAM

Today I had this charming companion join me for a visit to the art museum. It was our first time to go with out the rest of our gang. Just the two of us and it was so very sweet.  I could have spent hours there, but Lincoln isn't quite ready for hours of wondering through the museum, so we made it a short visit. He did great and we only made the alarm go off once for stepping over the "do not cross" lines on the floor-overall a success for a two and a half year old!  We focused on the Impressionist wing and the Modern Art floor.

at the SLAM at the SLAM
at the SLAM
at the SLAM

Lincoln's favorite memory from our outing-the construction cranes outside the museum-huge!
My favorite memory from our outing-Lincoln posing like the Titan statue in the entry hall of the museum-adorable I tell you!


Chelsey said...

Looks like such a fun and memorable outing!

Kimber-Leigh said...

little boys and construction sites :) looks like a special day indeed!

scott davidson said...

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