Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I Wore: Pencil Skirt

The last time I posed for a picture of me alone was for my wedding portrait eleven years ago!  I decided to venture into posting some of my favorite outfits with you.  I love reading outfit posts and "what's in my bag" posts just as much as home-tour posts, and I love home tour posts a lot! 

 Jeremy kindly took these pictures for me early on a Sunday morning, out on our roof top.  While we were out there, the kids were inside watching us through the windows waving at us and grinning at us with huge smiles on their little faces.  That was all the encouragement I needed and it made me feel like I should do this more often.

Outfit Details: Top/Target, Skirt/Vintage-Goodwill, Tights/Target, Shoes/Old Navy, Necklace/Goodwill, Bracelet/Booth at Festival of the Nations, Ring/Vintage-Inherited

DSC_0756 DSC_0755

I found the skirt at the same Goodwill where I found my sofa.  There was no tag sewn inside, so I think it may be homemade. It was in excellent condition and fit me a perfectly-no alterations were needed, making me one happy woman.  

 There's a collection of women I look to for inspiration on what to wear or how to mix and match what is already in my wardrobe.  A few of those gals are personal friends of mine and they have blogs!  


RachelDenbow said...

Oh, love this! Great pop of color and I love how you mixed in the wood bead necklace and bracelet! I need to be on the lookout for a great necklace like that at the thrifts!
I'm so happy this is going to be a new feature, Diane! Also, you're sweet to have mentioned me. ;) Hugs from CO!

Anonymous said...

Diane! I love your long hair...you look so tall in this photo and so beautiful. The roof is amazing. I love looking at your blog and all the things you do. Aimee B

atouchofdomesticity said...

This is a lovely outfit and a lovely addition to your blog! Sometimes I wish I wasn't so anonymous on my blog as I so enjoy other peoples' outfit posts and get a bit inspired to do my own! Oh well, I shall have to continue to live vicariously through Rachel's posts on smile & wave and now yours as well! (PS I really want that wooden necklace)

Gen said...

you look super cute Diane! I will look forward to these new posts!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love the color and necklace! and what a fun space you have access to on the roof!