Thursday, March 8, 2012

stitching, well not really

some stitching


There hasn't been much time lately for stitching or for making anything else, other than dinner and beds.  However, this week marks the completion of projects for both of my part time jobs.  Whew!  Completing these projects frees me up to complete the next project, the ever growing pile of laundry that's part of my full-time wife and mama job.  I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of thrifting; I found a few books for the kids and a few clothing items (that will add to my ever growing pile of laundry) and a few dishes (that will go on top of the pile of dirty dishes I'm off to tackle just as soon as I push publish).

After everything is cleaned I'll post a picture of my finds!

I'm off to wash!

P.S. Anna Maria Horner's fabric is what I'm stitching on in the photo above.

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Maegan said...

I can't wait to see your finds. And I was going to ask if those were Anna Maria threads in the last post... How fun. I can't wait for her pillow kits.