Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the first day of Spring


We welcomed in spring with tulips on the table, a new book from one of our favorite seasonal series and an easy craft.


Have you heard of the Brambly Hedge series? They are some of the cutest little books with sweet stories about a community of mice. The illustrations contain all kinds of dreamy domestic details. I've been collecting the books over the past year and hiding them away from the kids, then surprising the kids with one on the first day of each new season.  Today our kids got the last of the books I had hidden away, Spring and we read it in our pj's after breakfast.


I had planned on taking the kids to the Botanical Gardens, but I was feeling under the weather, so I kept that plan to myself and instead gathered some supplies to make a quick springtime craft.  Hopefully we can go the gardens another day this week!


Emma received a flower press for her birthday last year. All of our pressed flowers and clovers came from some flowers the girls collected and pressed last summer.

We stamped the letters, then glued the flowers onto cardstock and after everything dried we sewed the pieces together on the sewing machine.

The kids are right in the middle of spring break this week, Jeremy's is next week.  It's kind of a bummer they don't line up, but we're trying to make the most of it.

And I just wanted to mention that I am part of the Amazon Affiliate program, if you are interested in purchasing the Brambly Hedge books or the stamps we used to make the banner, click on the links in the post. The links will take you to Amazon and where you can purchase them. We receive a small percent for each purchase made from my links and that small percent is a huge help to our family while Jeremy is in school! Thanks for your support!


atouchofdomesticity said...

Bramley Hedge was my favourite when I was a girl! I read the stories all the time, and packed away in our loft are piles and piles of drawings I made of cutaway trees with Bramley Hedge-style rooms. I thought when I grew up I would eat primrose puddings, string crabapples by the fire and make chestnut bread. It's so lovely to see the books still being enjoyed and encouraged! Thank you for this lovely echo from my past.

Gen said...

I love your spring banner. where on earth did you get the flower press? i would love one of those!

diane said...

Gen, my parents gave it to Emma, my dad actually made it for her, but you can find them on Amazon or make your own. It's been so fun for the kids.