Friday, February 17, 2012

Balloons and Videos


I took the kids to the postoffice last week to mail their valentine's cards to family. The sweet woman behind the counter gave each of the kids a balloon; little did she know all the fun that would ensue from her little gift to the kids.  Lots of good imaginative play happened last weekend with their balloons, which made this momma happy.  

Our kids love imaginative play...and they also love watching a good youtube video too.  We have a few favorites that we cycle through.   The first three are fun cartoon music videos.  The fourth one is a recent addition--who doesn't love Sophie Madeleine?  

We have a four day weekend ahead of us and today there were multiple time-outs before 8:45am. But those time-outs were dispersed between some great moments between the kids; there's always a mix of good times and bad-it's normal, just not always fun.  

I have a date tonight with Jeremy and coffee with a twitter friend tomorrow! 

And maybe we need to visit the nice lady at the postoffice again.

1 comment:

Kara Gehret said...

1. How had I not heard of Sophie Madeleine. Her hair is perfection.

2. Excited to meet you tomorrow!