Tuesday, January 17, 2012



We woke up around 3 am this morning to the sounds of tornado sirens, hail and rain. Thankfully it was a false alarm for us and after a little while we were able to get back into our warm cozy beds.  This morning, we all overslept and have been walking around blurry eyed and in need of a constant cup of coffee in hand to help us get through the day.  It's the perfect day for staying in pj's and coloring on the floor if that's what suits you, and for Lincoln it seems too.

I am so tired and at the same time I feel so energized, like a creative surge has come over me. I think it's because for the first time in my life I have a studio (and its finally set up!) and because I got to spend two nights in a row talking with another momma and creative soul.  Times like that are so good for my soul;  I need them and I am learning to savor them and run with the energy I gain from those opportunities.

a chilly morning

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Kimber-Leigh said...

so sorry about the early wake-up...at least you can hear the sirens though! i always wonder if we would hear them in the midst of a storm, given the distance from the nearest siren.

we're not sure about where we are moving to...we should find out in march. (options include DC, rhode island, kansas, alabama, & san antonio.)

love seeing you back on the blog...and am so glad you have a creative friend to connect with!