Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday + Sunday

lining up his carsfooted pjs are the best

Lincoln was sick most of the weekend.  He stayed close to his cars, though he'd take frequent breaks from them to bring me a kleenex, saying "nose" which is his way of asking me to wipe his nose.  Then I'd wipe his nose, hand him the kleenex, and he'd take it and "throwway."  That was our little routine all weekend.  Not once did he fuss about his nose being wiped; he's such a trooper.

thrifted quilt

Emma made this ipod holder for me

The girls and I also spent some time in the studio starting new projects and finishing old ones.  The thrifted quilt pictured above was for starting a new project.  Emma finished  an old project, this cute little owl iPod holder and gifted it to me today when she got home from school-such a sweet girl she is! And Stella has her own series of new stitching projects in process-I'll share pictures when she is all finished.

Do you have a busy week ahead? I'm sure mine will include more kleenexes, "nose" requests, and just maybe I can complete one of my almost-finished projects.


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