Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday + Sunday

wintery weather

b-day celebrating

command center

ride to live

keeping cozy with quilts

studio time

sewing wall pockets

home ec project

1. icy wintery weather 2. birthday celebrating 3. in the kitchen
4. he got up there all by himself 5. quilts for keeping cozy 6. studio time
7. starting projects 8. finishing projects


Lee Ann said...

Did you make that bag? That's awesome!

diane said...

I did! It is one of my favorite projects I've made recently. The project is from the online sewing class I'm taking, Home Ec. here is the link

Kimber-Leigh said...

oh my, you have a climber. and a skilled one at that! i think that was favorite pic. what a cutie.

atouchofdomesticity said...

Thank you for your flashes of inspiration in this post. I am so glad I found your blog through Rachel's, and having seen your bag I am even more desperate to save up for the home-ec course! I borrowed (and credited) a few of your pics for a post the other day ( I hope you don't mind. I hope it sends other readers in your direction as I know they'll be well rewarded.

RachelDenbow said...

First of all, I love that photo of Lincoln on his horse on the basket. You need to make a fridge magnet out of that or something. Ha!

Second, I kept having to go back and look at your finished bag because it looks EXACTLY like the one I made (and still use all the time)! Like...I thought maybe my mind was playing a trick on me. Good job on that, lady!!

I loved the unicorn party details. The pin the horn on the uni game was genius!