Thursday, September 1, 2011

get up and go

first day

These two had their first day of school last week. It was so fun having them around the house this summer and I can tell Lincoln is learning to adjust to their absence during the day.  He is SO very happy to reunite with them each afternoon.  Their school (which started last year) has doubled in size in it's second year and we are so happy for it's success. 

Something about September makes me want to curl up on the vintage sofa ;) and watch Gilmore Girls.  There hasn't been much time for curling up on the sofa, but Gilmore Girls has been on in the background while I work on projects around the house.  Lincoln seems be quite taken with the show as well and I have found him plopped on the couch with his milk in hand watching the tv a few times this week.  

Jeremy's semester began this week and with all of this getting up early to get the girls school and then study before class we've been needing a bit more coffee in our system while we adjust to the new schedule. We're not morning people over here.

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Laura said...

i just started watching gilmore girls a few months ago when my third was good. they will certain encourage that desire for coffee you mentioned:).