Friday, August 5, 2011

the rest of the cottage

We are enjoying the company of a couple of two different families we knew from our time in Waco, this week and that reminded me that I haven't finished sharing pictures from our cottage.  I gotta be better about following through with blog post commitments you know. ;)

Our style has already evolved so much in the last year and arranging a new space is always a pleasure, but I can't help but miss neighborhood life and the community we had there.

work day at our house

house for sale

 The kid's space:

Lincoln's side

kid's room

kid's room

girls side of the room


pj's, socks and things of that nature

our space:

our room: staged for being on the market

and the front porch:


front porch

fresh fence and fresh flowers

front porch

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Can you tell me what color you used on the cabinet in the kids room (that holds socks,pj's, etc.)