Tuesday, July 19, 2011

along with 53,000 people

Some friends of ours from Waco flew up to St. Louis for the weekend and treated us to the U2 concert. We went out to eat at the Schlafly Tap Room, drove over to Union Station and hopped on the metro packed full of U2 fans headed over to Busch Stadium. We wore our comfy shoes and joined the crowd out on the field. There was plenty of dancing and screaming and just a little bit of reminding 1 or 2 fellow concert goers of our personal space....all part of the experience right?  We heard it was the biggest concert to date in St. Louis and we are happy to be a part of history. ;)

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our friends and are SO thankful for their generosity. It was such an amazing show. I took a bunch of instagrams while I was there, so if you follow me on twitter, thanks for bearing with me in all of my excitement. :)


Gen said...

Awesome! We saw them at Spartan Stadium with 70,000 people.

alex said...

I would definitely have been this excited about seeing U2! The picture's amazing!