Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just for fun

A recent family photo taken on my birthday in January.


just for fun
some bits and pieces of our life
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courtesy of Jeremy's Ipod and our twitter feeds

 Jeremy Reeves 
To Dad: I don't like my sandwich. Emma.

 Jeremy Reeves
South City


 diane reeves 

Lincoln just locked himself in our bedroom...he's out now!

 diane reeves 

lincoln was drinking a can of coke...that's just great, thankfully it was almost empty

 diane reeves 

lincoln just pulled a beer bottle from the trash can, his new favorite place to scavenger, 
and I guess I'm confessing we didn't recycle it


 Jeremy Reeves
Up the school stairs. 

 Jeremy Reeves 
Lotta walking here.

 Jeremy Reeves 
That's an igloo, for reals.

P.S. We didn't make that awesome igloo, our super cool neighbors did. 


Danielle said...

Oh, what a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing all those phenomenal instants!

Maegan said...

I love this post. The family picture is great! We have and love those ice cream scoops. And I love, love, love the sock monkey hats. Where are they from?

Kimber-Leigh said...

your family picture is lovely diane! such a fun collection of pictures!

Gen said...

I love the pictures! I really like the one where there are footprints in the snow! Very artsy!

kristine said...

i love these!

kristine said...

and beautiful family picture!!