Tuesday, January 11, 2011

thrifted canvas DIY/ Project Restyle

I am super excited to participate in Rachel and Elsie's Project Restyle this year. My first project was super quick and easy.

I purchased a framed painting a couple of weeks ago at a local thrift store. I intended to keep the frame and toss the painting. Then I remembered one of my favorite house tours on design*sponge and chelsea's clever update to one of their paintings.


We are big Avett Brothers fans around here and play their albums enough that painting some of their song lyrics on the painting seemed like the perfect choice for this project.

First, I wrote out the words on the canvas with a white sharpie.  Make you double check your spelling and punctuation before you write on your painting. ;)


Then I painted over the sharpie with some white craft paint.  You will want to pick a paint color that will showcase the words you choose and that will compliment the colors in your canvas.


and here is the after!


I always stop by the frame and art sections when I am in thrift store. It is always exciting to find a fabulous frame or piece of artwork that won't take you over in the home decor category of your budget.

Thanks for stopping by!


AlliT said...

Cool idea!

Have you found some good thrift stores now that you know the area a little better?

Laura said...

we love us some avett bros., too! great piece!

Suzanne said...

I LOVE this painting! I saw it on smile & wave this morning & would love it for my best friend. Is it for sale/would you do prints of it? Or do I have to admire it from afar? :)

P.S. I can't wait to explore your blog, I'm a first-time visitor!


kristine said...

i love this!

Maegan said...

the canvas looks great Diane!

Kara Gehret said...

And now I'm blog stalking ... Forgive me.

We just got married in January and used lyrics from this song all over the place, and had it played of course. This is SUCH a great idea.