Wednesday, October 6, 2010

why I wake up at the crack of dawn these days.

Life around here has changed in a pretty big way.

I am no longer a homeschooling mama.

I have so much respect for all of the homeschooling mamas out there, to teach your children on top of all of your other responsibilities is a noble task indeed.

first day

Now, I am a wake-up at the crack of dawn, get the kids dressed, hop in the car and drive during rush hour to take the girls to school mama.

This was a big decision for us.

It was hard admitting that I was not doing a good job educating them, my lack of discipline was keeping them from learning. That is not good.

I think this is one of the best decisions we have ever made, because our girls are thriving there.

The school they attend has me hoping deep down that we will be able to stay in St. Louis long-term, so they can graduate from it.

I love our girls and I want what is best of them. Right now I am overflowing with excitement for them and the experience they are having.

I love the location.  I love that their playground is in a parking lot, I love that they have a garden and that the girls helped plant it, I love the natural elements like the pretty baskets and wood furniture that fill the classrooms,  I love that the building was constructed in the early 1900's and has huge windows in each classroom that let in a welcoming light.  I love that all of this will soon be normal to them.

I love this picture taken on their first day, outside the school.

first day

I love that their outfits and the building doors are complimentary colors. 
(just kidding, it does make for a nice picture though)

Most of all I am so happy that they enjoy it, that they are making friends, that they are cared for and that what we teach them about who God is for us is being reinforced at their school. 

Part of their new normal is that I am not as stressed, which means I am much more patient with them. It also means that I have a bit more time to think and plan and just have coherent thoughts in general.

Part of the planning includes some "welcome home from school" surprises like tea parties, baking and crafting. I can't wait!

Do you have any special activities you love to do with your kids?  If so please share in the comments. I love new ideas and I think we all love a little inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Great post but 5:37 am!!!

sarahross said...

Oh Diane. I spent so many sleepless nights considering what to do for my kids schooling. I know the relief when you make a decision and then joyfully find it is the right one. Blessings to you and your family!

Glenn Welling said...

We've only done pre pre school and I can already tell I would drive Robert crazy so I totally understand. It is an agonizing decision though. Is Stella in pre-k?

Susie said...

When did Stella get such long hair? The girls are looking older. It is such a relief when you know you picked the right school and everyone is so much happier.

diane said...

Yes she is in Pre-K, so she just goes three days a week.

Sarah and Susie,
Thanks for the encouragement!

Jenny said...

It was so refreshing to read this! I've been homeschooling my little ones for 3 years now and I feel exactly how you described. Thank you for being so honest. Sometimes we put waaaay too much pressure on ourselves and others.

cheryl said...

Great post, Diane. I am homeschooling Saige for pre-K this year and I am already having those thoughts. My lack of organization may be a hinderance to her education. Anyways, thank you for your honesty.

And looks like y'all are adjusting quite nicely! Yay!