Wednesday, October 20, 2010

good times


We had a picnic at a nearby park,
and collected beautiful leaves along the walk.
The girls brought these cameras along for fun.


Parks are one of the many, many reasons I am falling in love with this city.


While we were at the park, we found this 100+ year old log cabin.


We peaked through the windows to see what we could see;
there was some furniture inside, but the door was locked.


It looked like fall outside, but it was hot!
So we had our little picnic in the shade on the porch of the log cabin.
It is Jeremy's fall break this weekend.
He is putting a piece of furniture together as I type
and it doesn't require a single tool.
Those Scandinavians are brilliant aren't they?
This means our living room is one step closer to being finished.
But just so we are on the same page...
I use the word "finished" loosely.
Just as soon as it feels finished, I know I will be ready for a change.


Danielle said...

Love the log cabin... looks like something I would've imagined living in while reading Little House on the Prairie growing up.

Lee Ann said...

Where did you get those camera's? Are they new? They look so fun.